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Dear Professor,


Linric Company is now offering our psychrometric calculation software "PsyCalc® 98" to universities and colleges at no cost. Our proposal includes a version of the software specifically licensed for your school. There is no charge to the university or students of the university for preparation or use of the software. Distribution of the software can be made by whatever means is convenient for the university, download from a server is recommended since this would eliminate the cost of any media or packaging.

We are offering a fully operational copy of the latest version of PsyCalc® 98 now used by over 20,000 professionals in the HVAC and other industries. This is a great opportunity for students to try a tool that is widely used in the professional world at absolutely no cost.

I would like to e-mail a copy of the software to you for your evaluation. Please let me know if you would have some time to review our software and offer. Contact me via e-mail at for additional information.

Who is using the Student version of PsyCalc® 98? Click here to see a current list of schools. Best regards,


Jim Judge, PE

One of the best reasons we've heard for using PsyCalc® in the classroom came
from Roger Crane, Professor at University of South Florida...

"I just wanted to thank you for the copies of PsyCalc®. I've distributed these
to my HVAC class and expect that this will simplify the course for all of us. I've
always been surprised at the range of values a class can get in a problem when
working from a chart. It greatly simplifies my work, and makes examples easier for
students to follow when we are all working with the same numerical values.
Again, My thanks,


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