PsychLib Psychrometric Function Library
for Windows Programming

This page gives instructions and a link to download the demonstration version of PsychLib Psychrometric Function Library DLL. This is a FULL FEATURED demo of the latest release of the 32-bit version of PsychLib! If you are interested in PsychLib we recommend that you download and try it out first. Then use the order form in the program to place an order by fax or phone. We will process your order, ship the PsychLib package by mail and by e-mail.

Please contact our PsychLib order desk if you have further questions

For phone orders call our Order Desk at 603 472-5640.

Download Instructions VERY IMPORTANT!

The file you will down load is a self-extracting file named "pldemo32.exe". This contains the PsychLib DLL, a demonstration program and VB4-32 source code for the demonstration program. The file size is 1,112 kb so it may take a couple of minutes to download.

Follow the instructions below (consider printing this page for reference):

1. Download the File "pldemo32.exe" by clicking below.

2. Run the file "pldemo32.exe" by double clicking it in Windows Explorer (Win 95, 98 or NT). This will start the PK Ware self extractor program.

3. Select the directory where you want the PsychLib set up files to be put and click the Extract button. We recommend sending the files to an empty folder that you can later delete.

4. Run SETUP.EXE from the folder selected above to install PsychLib Demonsrtation Version to your hard drive.

5. See the Read_Me file for more brief instructions.

6. Use PsychLib in projects you work on to perform psychrometric calculations. When you are ready to order, use the built-in order form to purchase a PsychLib license.

Click HERE to download the PsychLib demo version now!

PsychLib Information

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