PsyFunc psychrometric functions for Excel from Linric Company

What users are saying about PsyFunc ?

"I build spreadsheets all the time using home grown psychrometric routines. With Linric's add-in functions I can simply use the functions like so many of the built in features of Excel. To me they have have been a great time saver. Now that I am comfortable that the returned values agree with established equations I can move on to other areas and not have to rehash old ground. Anyone who is in the HVAC industry or related field should have a copy of these add-ins!"
Stephen Pargeter, Chief Engineer, Aaon, Inc., Tulsa, OK
Aaon is a manufacturer of roof top heating and cooling units.

"Using Linric's EXCEL PSYCH functions recently saved me over three hours of hand input in a single consulting project. I don't know of any other HVAC computer tool that gives a better return on investment. The LINRIC Psych functions are not only economical; they're simple, accurate and a pleasure to use."
L. G. Harriman III ,Director of R&D, Mason-Grant Company, Portsmouth, NH
Mason-Grant is a technical marketing firm with emphasis in the HVAC field.

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