Thank you for chosing the PsyCalc® 20th Anniversary Edition!

This is a completely new version of our flagship product. We have implemented many new features while maintaining the simplicity of use PsyCalc® has been know for.Please use the help topics below to answer your questions or contact the author, Jim Judge, directly by email at If you use Facebook you can find more information and leave comments on the PsyCalc® Facebook page.

Program Operation
PsyCalc® Basics - Start Here!
PsyCalc® screen - Finding Psychrometric Properties
Mixing screen - Finding mixed air conditions
Process screen - Working with HVAC processes.
ASHRAE Design Data - Now with 8,118 locations.
PsyCalc® Binner - Weather data binning tool.

General Information
Program Limits and Accuracy
Contacting Linric Company
License Information
Version History

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