PsyCalc® Binner

PsyCalc® Binner is a veritile tool for binning hourly weather data using two methods with multiple bin variables and bin sizes. Create Conventional bins against dry bulb temperature, wet bulb temperature, humidity ratio or dew point temperature. Or use Joint Frequency binning which tallies hours in a grid of dry bulb temperature and humidity ratio.

You will need a FULL license to gain access to hourly data for 4,109 locations worldwide. The BASIC license allows access to only a small set of Sample Locations. For instructions on downloading hourly data files see Download Hourly Data

PsyCalc® is offered at two licensing levels, basic and full. The basic level allows use of a Sample Locations database with locations from many regions around the world. With a full license PsyCalc® users have the option to download and install databases for nine(9) regions around the world for a total of over 4,100 locations. Each region has its own installer so full license users can get any or all of the data they want.

Top Section - Location Selector
Region, Country, State/Providence and Station dropdown boxes are used to select a location. To save a location so it will appear first click the "Save Location" button.

If you are not sure what location to use click the push pin at the bottm left to use the Find Hourly Locations screen.

The elevation, latitude and longitude are displayed for the current location.

Use in English (I-P) or Metric (SI) units. Just click the switch units icon at the upper right.

Click the Schedules dropdown to use a preset schedule of hours to include. Manage your own schedules with the New, Update and Delete buttons.

Binning Type
Conventional creates bins for the selected psychrometric property (Bin on) with the selected bin size (Bin size).
Joint Frequency creates a grid of dry bulb temperature (°F / °C) / humidity ratio (gr/lb / g/kg) bins of the size specified. (See output examples below.)

Define your schedule
Use the Select Mmonths list and the hour lists for each day of the week to define your schedule.
Selections made in the All list affects all days of the week.

Create Bin
With the binning type and schedule defined click the Create Bins button at the bottom left. Binning results is displayed and can be exported to a comma delimited (.csv) file. Remember ONLY the hours included by your schedule will be included in the binning process.

Conventional Binning Output Example

Joint Frequency Binning Output Example

PsyCalc® gives you a way to gain statistical information about the hours included in your binning schedule. Click the Show Stats button and define the criteria to apply. Now click the Get Stats button to display statistical information. Remember ONLY the hours included by your schedule will be included in the statistical information.

An IMPORTANT note about Weater Data Files
All weather data file supplied with PsyCalc® are derived from "Typical" weather data sources. Here "Typical" means that the producer of the data file has analyzed many years of data and compiled full years (8760 hourly records) using the most typical of each month for the location from the many years available. The data producers make minor adjustments as necessary at month boundaries so that the data represents a normal diurnal pattern. Each record includes the date of the original data. As you can imagine ajacent months are most likey not from the same year making day of week values calculated from the actual record date non-contiguous. For example the TYM3 raw data for Colorado Springs, CO, USA uses January data from 1991 and February data from 1990. Using the actual record dates to calculate day of week would give us January 31 as a Thursday and February 1 also as a Thursday.

When Linric Company compiles data files for PsyCalc® we ignore the actual dates assigned to each record, assign Sunday as the day of week for January 1st and proceed sequentially with day of week assignments. Using this method data for all locations start on Sunday and end on Sunday. This allows the comparison of results from multiple locations regardless of the number of hours included in the schedule. Care should be taken when comparing results from PsyCalc® binning and other binning tools as other tools may not have used this same day of week assignment philosophy.

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