PsyCalc® 20th Anniversary Edition Basics

PsyCalc® 20th Anniversary Edition is new and old. If you have used previous versions of PsyCalc® you only have a few new tricks to learn. If you have never used PsyCalc® you will find the user experience simple and intuitive. Let's get started with some basic operations and principles

PsyCalc® is immediate. Where possible, when you change an input outputs change immediately.

PsyCalc® works in IP and SI or both. Most screens have a toggle icon to switch between units... and you can switch input and output sections independently.

Enter values via keyboard or mouse.

Choose the input types you want to use.

Quickly save some defaults.

Use the Defaults screen (choose Edit/Defaults in menu) to set value types.

Tell PsyCalc® how you want your outputs ordered.

Navigate to a different calculation "style" (Mixing and Process)

Use a different input "style" (Process)

Use quick access buttons at the bottom of screens.

Use the Tools menu to access any part of PsyCalc®.

Keep PsyCalc® on top of other applications for quick access.

That's about it for the basics. Learn more by looking at more help topics or just start using PsyCalc®, the most widely used psychrometric calculator worldwide!

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