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This page provides information about changes made in each version of PsyCalc® 20th Anniversary Edtion.

IF SOMETHING GOES WRONG AFTER YOU UPDATE... You can download previous versions by clicking the version number below. IMPORTANT - To install an earlier version you must first uninstall the copy of PsyCalc® currently installed. We work extremely hard to make sure PsyCalc® is flawless but occassionally we may miss something in testing. If you run into a problem please let us know so we can fix it in the next release. Please send issues to Jim Judge, PE at Thank you
Version Changes

ADD - Binner - Added validation of external data from Excel template.


FIX - Binner - Fixed issue with use of external data from Excel template.


FIX - ALL - PPM value were being calculated on a dry air basis.


FIX - Process - Density value had absolute humidity units.


FIX - Process - Onscreen leaving point properties were not updated with elevation/pressure changes.


FIX - Process - Leaving point properties were not updated with elevation/pressure changes.

FIX - Air Flows - Actual vs Standard flows was using density instead of STP.

FIX - Mixing - Error in mixing calculation caused small errors in results.


FIX - Binner - Window was opening with Stats panel displayed.


FIX - Mixing - Fixed issue with mixing high temperature airstreams.


FIX - PsyCalc® - Window scaling factor was not being saved.


FIX - PsyCalc® Mixing - Issue when input value(s) are in actual flow rate.

FIX - PsyCalc® - Window scaling for cultures using comma as decimal separator.

FIX - PsyCalc® Binner & ASHRAE Data - Map component does not support all cultures.


ADD - PsyCalc® Binner - Allow users to Save more than one external data location.

ADD - PsyCalc® Binner - Tabbed VLI panel with design percentiles.

FIX - PsyCalc® Binner- Error message on open for new installations.


ADD - PsyCalc® Binner - Add import for CSV files (TYM3 format)

ADD - Design Data and Binner - Add WMO number mouseover for station dropdown list.

ADD - PsyCalc® Binner - New panel with Ventilation Load Index calculated.

ADD - Defaults - Allow user to change window scaling factor.

FIX - PsyCalc® Binner - Corrected humidity ratio conversion was using wind speed value.


FIX - Process - corrected issue calculating results when actual flow values are used.


MISC - Minor house-keeping & code clean-up, additional logging.


FIX - PsyCalc, Mixing and Process - corrected issue limiting minimum pressure input.


FIX - Cool/Heat comparison - corrected some units of measure labels.


FIX - Find Locations - corrected some units of measure issues.


FIX - PsyCalc® Binner window - Download Hourly Data button was not visible.


FIX - Changing input units of measure in mixing screen produced an error in results.

FIX - Changing Airstream A air flow value in mixing screen was not updating Ratio % values.


FIX - Changing to SI inputs in mixing screen was blanking out output grid.


Add - Edit / Copy Window - Places a bitmap image of the current window on the clipboard.


Add - ASHRAE Design Data - Add extreme wet bulb temperatures in Historical section.


FIX - Mix window - blank out output if mix is super saturated.

Add - Help menu - Add link to online version log.

FIX - Mix window - fixed error in reverse mixing functionality.


NEW - PsyCalc® Binner - Output bins by month in addition to annual bins.

NEW - Process window - Enable save to log functionality for point-to-point and defined process types.


NEW - PsyCalc® Binner - Add TMY2 and EPW file types to external data import functionality.

NEW - PsyCalc® Binner - View summary data about all hours above or below any bin. Just right click a bin row and chose from the popup menu.


Fix - Process window - default units of measure were not being respected in HVAC Components windows.


NEW - For Standard bins - right click on a binning results row to see cummulative stats for values above or below the row mid-point.

Fix - Process window - values in the output grid were not being updated when changing output units.

Fix - PsyCalc Binner - on the Stats panel decimal separators other than a point were causing an error.


Update - ASHRAE Climatic Design Data from the 2013 dataset to the 2017 dataset. PsyCalc® now has the latest set of this data increasing the number of locations from 6,443 to 8,118. This data is provided under license from ASHRAE.

NEW - Functionality to allow users to use external hourly weather data from recognized sources or an Excel template provided with this update.

Change - Changing input property types on Point, Mixing and Process screens by default does not update the corresponding value. This behavior is the same as all previous versions of PsyCalc®. Users can override this bahavior in Defaults / General by checking the "Update input value when changing input type" checkbox.

NEW - Added a button in Defaults / Binning Data to open a web page where all hourly weather data files can be downloaded after some users reported an issue using the individual download buttons.

Fix - Some minor bug fixes, spelling errors, etc.


ORIGINAL RELEASE OF PsyCalc® 20th Anniversary Edition !! - We are releasing this completely new version of our flagship software.

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