Process Calculator

PsyCalc includes a tool that will calculate process loads given the start and end points. Open the Process calculator window by choosing Mode then Process from the menu. The Process calculator windows appears.

Adjust the entering and leaving conditions values, altitude and air flow and PsyCalc calculates the energy values. By default energy removed from the air is shown as negative values.

Want to enter the load values instead... click the small right pointing triangle at the top right to switch the Process style.

Enter the total load and sensible heat ratio.

Prefer to enter the sensible and latent loads... click to small down pointing triangle to change the input type.

Enter sensible and latent loads individually.

Finally if you prefer working with HVAC component processes you can do that too. Click the right pointing triangle again to see the next process style.

Select a component and click the add (+) button. Configure component properties and see the results.

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