Mixing Screen - Finding mixed air conditions

PsyCalc's mixing airstream calculator is a quick easy way to calculate the mixed air conditions that result from mixing two airstreams.

The Mixing Calculator operates with many of the same features as other modes. Inputting values, using Spin Buttons and Selecting Input and Output units operate as they do in the PsyCalc® screen.

To perform the mixing calculations Air Flow Rates of the two airstreams to be mixed must be specified. These can be specified in at Standard Conditions or at the Actual Conditions. Select from the following Flow Rate Units Types for the airstreams A, B and C:

Input flow rate values directly in the input boxes. Use spin buttons to make adjustments.

Change the mixing ratio without changing the total air flow using the slider or by entering percent values.

PLEASE NOTE: PsyCalc® uses 68°F and 20°C as standard temerature.

Switch to the reverse mixing style and now let PsyCalc® help you find the right mix ratio for a particular mixed result.

Set the input conditions for each air stream and set the reverse mixing criteria to meet your target automatically.

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