PsyCalc® screen - Finding Psychrometric Properties

PsyCalc® can be used to look up psychrometric properties of an air and water vapor sample. This is done in the PsyCalc Mode:

The steps to find a new set of psychrometric properties are:

1. Select the Input Psychrometric Properties

2. Enter the Input Values

3. Use the input spin buttons to increment input values up or down.

Enter two psychrometric property values corresponding to the input units you have chosen. Enter the altitude or pressure value corresponding to the Altitude/Pressure units you have chosen. All input values have a white background and appear in the upper section of the PsyCalc® screen. Each time a change is made to any of these values or units selection the output values at the bottom of the screen are recalculated immediately. If all outputs simply disappear you have exceeded the limits of PsyCalc®. Simply adjust the input values for the new set of units to a combination that fit within PsyCalc® input limits. See the Help topic "Program Limits and Accuracy" for more details

Each Input Value also has a "Spin Button" to its right. Input values can be changed by using the Spin Buttons or by directly typing new values into the input boxes. Spinning past the program's limits causes the outputs to go blank. Just spin back in the other direction to return to the PsyCalc® operating range.

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