The Quick, Efficient Desktop Tool For Finding Psychrometric Properties and Performing Calculations

A demo for PsyCalc 98 is available HERE.


PsyCalc 98 now includes the complete 1997 ASHRAE Climatic Design Information!


Climatic Design Data for 1,456 locations all over the world right at your finger tips!
  • Data for Cooling and Dehumidification, Wind and Heating Design
  • Retrieves data instantly
  • Great for making comparisons
  • Test your designs against all design data points

More New Features and Improvements!

PsyCalc now accepts absolute pressure inputs as well as altitude. 

With English units use:

  • Altitude in Feet 
  • Pressure in inches Hg, inches water or psia 
With SI units use:
  • Altitude in meters 
    Pressure in mm Hg, mm water or kPa 
New output values to fit your needs:  PsyCalc now returns eleven different output values calculated from your inputs. For this new release we've added:
  • PPMw (Parts per Million by Weight)
  • PPMv (Parts per Million by Volume)
  • Absolute Humidty
Select the output you want to usually like to see. Then set these as the defaults. PsyCalc will display the values you want from then on.

PsyCalc's new and improved calculation engine extends the operating range of PsyCalc!
Whether your using compressed air, flying at high altitudes or concerned about humidity at the surface PsyCalc is the tool for you. Our new psychrometric calculation engine has extended the pressure range PsyCalc operates over to .7 - 400 psia!

Try out our new calculation engine at our live web psychrometric calculator.

Just click here.

With PsyCalc you can:

  • Have a handy psychrometric calculator always available on your desktop. 
  • Calculate eight properties by inputting two 
  • Find ASHRAE outside air design values for US and international locations (1,456 location s in all). 
  • Have instant access to: 
    Degrees Dry Bulb
    Degrees Wet Bulb
    Percent Relative Humidity
    Degrees Dew Point 
    Humidity Ratio
    Vapor Pressure
    Specific Volume
    PPM by weight
    PPM by Volume
    Absolute Humidity


  • Move instantly from your working document to PsyCalc with just a double click. 
  • Calculate in English (I-P) or metric (SI) units. 
  • Convert to/from English or metric. 
  • Perform mixing calculations using standard or actual air flows. Handy scroll bar speeds varying flow ratios. 
Look-up psychormetric properties without reading a chart!

PsyCalc reduces to a button and stays on top of other programs!
Just double click the PsyCalc button and it returns just as you left it! 

PsyCalc works with you and your other programs! PsyCalc can stay on top and operates in five different modes: 
  • Psychrometric property look-up with two outputs. 
  • Psychrometric property look-up with four outputs. 
  • Mixing airstream calculator. 
  • Outside air design condition data base look-up. 
  • The PsyCalc button, for standby mode. 
Mixing airstream calculations have never been so simple!
"Mixing calculations used to be a big time consumer. With outside air in dry bulb and wet bulb and return air in dry bulb and relative humidity I had to convert then mix then convert back to the units required by my coil software. 

With PsyCalc I just set the input and output units the way I need them and enter the values. It's that simple! I recently saved 3 hours on a project using PsyCalc. Now that's a quick payback!" Lew Harriman, R & D Director, Mason Grant. 

What do users say about PsyCalc?
  • "Working with PsyCalc over the past few months it has become a fixture computer." 
    Stephen Pargeter, Chief Engineer, Aaon, Inc.
  • "PsyCalc saves me time! No more jumping - screen to chart to screen. The SI/Engish conversions are a time saver too." 
    Nancy Banks, P.E., twice winner of ASHRAE's Willis Carrier Award
  • "Now that I have PsyCalc I've discarded the stack of psych charts that cluttered the corner of my office!"
    Tom Elmore, Manager of Design Engineering, Air Enterprises, Inc.

Download PsyCalc and give it a try.
If you do psychrometric calculations this is the tool for you! PsyCalc is the "sportscar" of desktop psychrometric calculators. Take advantage of this opportunity, now! Download and use PsyCalc for 30 days without obligation! If you like PsyCalc, purchase a single user license now! 

PsyCalc operates in Microsoft Windows 3.1, Windows 95 or Windows NT. 

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