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HumidiCalc TM
Humidifier selection software for residential HVAC contractors.
Honeywell Home and Building Control, Minneapolis, MN

Working with Honeywell's Home and Building Control Group, we created whole house humidifier selection software for use by contractors in the US and Canada. Honeywell provided the selection technology and calculation methods, Linric provided the software development.

"Working on this project with Honeywell was enjoyable and rewarding" said Jim Judge, Linric's owner. "Honeywell contacted us in late April with an idea of what needed to be done. The project was completed and released by August 1st to coincide with Honeywell's wholehouse humidifier product release."

Honeywell is a leader in home and building automation and comfort systems. The new humidifier products join the Honeywell "Perfect Climate®" line-up: thermostats, fresh air ventilation systems, air cleaners and zoning systems.

"We were fortunate to find a software development company that could understand the technical side of the project and perform to our critical schedule." said Tim Kensok of Honeywell. "Linric provided an exceptional value. We couldn't be more pleased with the outcome!"

More about HumidiCalc TM...
The HumidiCalc TM selection software calculates the humidification needs of a single family home based on these parameters:

  • Size of house - Internal volume and below grade portion
  • Relative Insulation - Low, medium or high
  • Location - Annual weather information for 239 US and 47 Canadian cities
  • Occupants - Three age groups
  • Inside Set Points - Temperature and humidity
  • Application type - Critical or non-critical
  • Home HVAC Information - Heating system size, AC?, HRV?, ERV?
HumidiCalc TM determines humidification need and specifies the correct control system for the application. Contractors are presented with a clear description of the equipment selected and the basis for the selection. HumidiCalc TM even determines if inside window condensation could be an issue and reduces the humidification set point to avoid condensation for non-critical applications.

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