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Desiccant dehumidification system design software for the world's leading manufacturer.
Munters Corporation, Dehumidification Division, Amesbury, MA USA

Designing dehumidification systems that control production and process areas is a time consuming task. Working with Munters Dehumidification Division engineering and sales groups we created this software tool to handle the calculations and look ups for field sales personnel. More time can now be spent working directly with customers!

"CECSYS has been an on-going project. Munters drive to continually improve it's ability to service their customer's needs has taken this software from a simple dehumidifier selection tool to a full blown system design and pricing tool over the course of just a few years." explains Jim Judge, Linric Company's owner. "Today a Cargocaire sales person can design, price, quote and prepare a complete system submittal right on their notebook computer!"

Munters Dehumidification Division manfactures the high quality dehumificiation products for industrial applications. By precisely controlling humidity their desiccant dehumidifiers and dehumidification systems makes possible production of many quality and critical products. Munters is a world wide organization specializing in the control of humidity for industries around the world.

"Linric Company has provided a unique development service that has produced the most advanced sales tools in our industry. Our design process requires complex engineering calculations. Linric's combination of engineering and software development skills were just what we needed to keep the development costs in line! "

More about CECSYS
CECSYS design and selection software provides these services to the sales person:

  • Selection and performance calculations for Cargocaire's Desiccant dehumidifier products
  • Design (component selection and matching) for two dehumidification system product lines.
  • Complete technical data print-outs, schematic diagrams, equipment schedules, detailed performance.
  • Detailed pricing including service options and special features.
  • Quotation preparation and output.
  • Order Entry documents preparation and output.
  • Dimensioned drawings of finished product designs.
CECSYS includes many supporting functions as well including, customer data base, data base of design weather condition, creation and printing of cover letter and faxes, complete submittal package preparation and many more.

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