BinMaker PRO
Your Source for Weather Data

   All the engineering weather data you need in one package!
  • Hourly TMY2 weather data for 239 Domestic Locations
  • Customize Weather Bins for 239 Domestic Locations
  • Design Data for 1459 Global Locations
  • Calculate Ventilation Loads & Joint Frequency Tables
  • Output custom hourly weather data sets with just a couple of mouse clicks.
  • Save schedule profiles
  • Use custom 8760 hourly data sets from an Excel worksheet.
  • All on One CD ROM.

BinMaker PRO, now in it's third release, is truly a unique tool. With BinMaker PRO you get all the engineering weather data you need plus the capability to summarize that data to suit your needs.

Download some sample output - in an Excel 97 worksheet, (45k).

Here is the list of BinMaker PRO cities available on the CD.

NEW! BinMaker PRO weather data for 282 locations outside the US! See our new BinMaker data file products .

Here at Linric Company we use BinMaker as a source for every project where weather is a component of the design. While design data is important we like to look at how design values compare with actual annual data to see just where our designs will spend most of their time. We can do a quick energy analysis using binned data or a more extensive analysis using hourly data. All of this using data downloaded from BinMaker in a format that we can open directly in any spreadsheet program.

As an example, download this Excel 97 worksheet, (45k), containing some data provided by BinMaker for Altanta, GA. This is just a small example of the possible data sets available via BinMaker PRO.

More BinMaker PRO Information and downloads:
BinMaker PRO Features
BinMaker PRO - a tool for whom?
BinMaker PRO manual in pdf format (download)

Multiple Copy Pricing from Linric for BinMaker PRO...
  Purchase 1 - 4 copies BinMaker PRO at $169.95 each
  Purchase 5 - 9 copies BinMaker PRO at $159.95 each (FREE SHIPPING)
  Purchase 10 or more copies BinMaker PRO at $149.95 each (FREE SHIPPING)

Please contact Linric Company at 603 472-5640 for processing orders of 5 or more BinMaker PROs.

Software Features

  • 300 MB of of annual, hour-by-hour weather data for 239 US locations
  • Select and download the hourly weather data you want for use in analysis tools.
  • Use your own 8760 hour weather datasets with the new Custom Data Template.
  • Access new ASHRAE's design weather data - 1459 domestic and international locations
  • Calculate ventilation cooling load and the ventilation load index (VLI) for any indoor air set point
  • Customize weather summaries according to monthly, weekly or daily schedules.
  • Save your schedule profiles for use with other projects.
  • Avoid distortion of coincident averages by creating a joint-frequency table of temperature and moisture
  • Easily extract portions of weather records for solar, winds or rainfall analysis
  • Use the new Joint Frequency tool to set up your energy analysis worksheets.
  • NEW User friendly interface-compatible with Windows® 95/98/NT/2000/ME/XP

Potential Users

  • HVAC consultants
  • HVAC system designers and operators
  • Gas and electric utility marketing professionals
  • Manufacturers of HVAC Equipment.
  • Civil and Planning Engineers.
If you use BinMaker PRO results in an Excel worksheet then take a look at our psychrometric function Add-In for Excel product PsyFunc. It will save you countless hours!

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